If I tell you my story, you will listen for a while and then you will fall asleep.
But, if, as I tell you my story, you begin to hear your own story, you will wake up.
— Hasidic Saying

I am the daughter of goodly parents, who love and support me.


I am the mother of an
intelligent, compassionate & talented daughter,
Brianna Nicole Barnes.


I am a sister to four amazing brothers. If I could piece them all together, they would be the perfect man.


I am an aunt to three nieces and six nephews.
They allow me to mother and love them as my own.


I am a survivor of rape and advocate for others on their path of healing. As a single mom I give voice to those women who carry a similar burden. I'm a firm believer that family is the most important thing in life. You always do what needs to be done for family.